Sunday, June 19, 2016

Card Sharks

Why do we love handmade cards?  From the crayon-scribbled cards we made for our parents as children, to a store bought card with a genuine handmade, handwritten message, cards show caring and creativity.

When I took painting back in the 90's, painting books full of card patterns intrigued me, but not enough to try it.  Years later, I saw a Pinterest pin of an embossed card to paint.

Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the embossing machine or the paper to make these cards.  So, I tried an economical version.

Nope, not as pretty.  Plus, since I used glue to try to get the embossed look, it made for a very sticky card.

Since then, I've thought about cutting watercolor paper to the size of card I want and painting them one at a time.  But, what if I want to make a set of 12 for someone?  That would take way too long.  So it hit me.

Why don't I paint something.  Scan it into the computer.  Use a program to create the card. Print and cut them out.

Yes, I know I need a proper paper cutter, but right now, my quilting supplies will have to do. 

In the future, I'll play with different designs.  I may even start writing sayings in them.  When I feel more confident about them, I may start posting them for sale.


  1. I enjoyed your blog post about making your own greeting cards. I have had some of the same thoughts. You are clever and determined.

    1. Thank you. I have a couple of projects going, so be on the lookout for more posts soon.