Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fear the Beak

"Fear the Beak"
8 x 10 Acrylic on canvas
Also available as a 4x6 greeting card set with envelopes.
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The inspiration:
Matthew 26:34, 72-75 - Jesus said unto him [Peter], Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice....And again he denied with an oath, I do not know the man.  73And after a while came unto him they that stood by, and said to Peter, Surely thou also art one of them; for thy speech bewrayeth thee. 74Then began he to curse and to swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew. 75And Peter remembered the word of Jesus, which said unto him, Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. And he went out, and wept bitterly. (KJV)

My alma mater's mascot is the Fighting Gamecock. 

Picture it, thousands of fans, over 500 marching band members (yes, over 500!), a gaggle of cheerleaders, and a giant rooster as a mascot.  Now picture those same fans at the biggest game of the season yelling "Fear the Beak!" 

That's great if you're on the side of victory.  But what if you're on the wrong side of the beak like the Apostle Peter?

Like Peter, we may start out with the grandest of intentions in our walk with Christ.  Like Peter, we may have the erroneous idea that we can stand unwaveringly on our own (I Corinthians 10:12).  Like Peter, we may have fallen asleep when we should be praying (Matthew 26:40-41), jumped the gun in our own strength (John 18:10), and tried to tell God that His plan won't work (Mark 8:31-33).  Like Peter, you may think that it can't get any worse.

Then the cock crows.

Uh-OhWell, I guess it's over.


Just like Peter, when we mess up, God is ever ready to forgive and restore.  Notice in Mark 16 after the resurrection, the angels tell the ladies at the tomb to tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus is waiting for them at Galilee (verse 7). 

...the disciples and Peter... 

Not only did He know Peter by name, He knows us by name.  Just as no good parent forgets and neglects his child, so the Father doesn't forget or neglect any of His children. 

Just in case you didn't know, that's you!

Peter was restored and walked out his restoration.  Later in the book of Acts, Peter was part of some of the greatest evangelistic miracles recorded in Scripture.  Jesus said in John 14:12 that anyone who believed in Him would do even greater works than He did.  That message wasn't just for that time; it is also for you.

If you find yourself feeling like Peter at his lowest ebb; defeated and ready to give up, don't let the crowing rooster be a sign of the end, but a sign of the beginning of restoration.  Where I'm from, a crowing rooster is usually an alert to the beginning of a new day.  Let that same crow alert you to the beginning of your new day.

You'll never again need to fear the beak!


  1. You, me, and my husband David share an alma mater. :)

    This is a great post. Thank you so much for sharing the link to this blog in your Wednesday Hodgepodge post.

    When I'm feeling at my lowest, I keep reminding myself that He thought I was important, so important that He had His Son die for me. That helps me to keep fighting the fight that this world brings.

    Have a blessed week!

    PS I love that picture up there!

  2. In my 9 years of living in that state, I never once heard "fear the beak"!!! My first year there, during rivalry week, I was told I had to pick a side (even though I grew up in "Big Orange Country"-where I now live- and told her I really didn't care who won)!
    Very good picture!

    1. Thanks.

      My alma mater is the Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Gamecocks. I think you're referring to the University of South Carolina.